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Feel the energy,
taste the real ingredients

It doesn’t taste like coffee (well, except the Caffe Mocha Square), but thanks to the organic green coffee, it packs the same punch as a shot of espresso.

Addicting Flavors
Wholesome Ingredients

Every recipe was developed by a Sports Dietitian, Food Scientist, and Pastry Chef to create the healthiest (yet tastiest) bars possible.

Organic green coffee

Gives you the same natural boost as a shot of espresso.


Long-lasting energy with healthy fats from nuts and seeds.

Plant-based protein

Recover faster + build muscle with pea and pumpkin seed protein

Energizing carbs

Fuel up for endurance with grains, fruits, and seeds.

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Try the variety box! If you don’t love the natural boost and whole ingredients in our bars, we’ll refund your order.

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