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IRONMAN athletes fuel their swimming, cycling and running with Quantum!

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Formulated To Fuel You

Our balanced blend of organic green coffee (equal to an espresso shot) plus macros deliver the long-lasting natural energy you need. Hit T1 fresh, power through the bike split, and maintain your stride those last few miles to the line.
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Train Long. Finish Strong.

Power up your training with 100mg of natural caffeine PLUS a balanced blend of complex carbs, plant-based proteins and healthy fats. Formulated for endurance athletes by a sports nutritionist and food scientist.

"These bars pack a punch and they taste like real food"

"They're like drinking a cup of coffee and eating freshly baked healthy snack all in one. Unlike other fuel options I’m used to training with, it would be hard to get sick of eating these!”

Hugh Williams, 4x IRONMAN Athlete/World Championship Finisher

Get The Coffee Jump-Start Without The Crash

Get The Coffee Jump-Start Without The Crash

The blend of organic green coffee PLUS balanced macros deliver:

  • A boost of long-lasting energy
  • Muscle recovery from protein
  • Satiated appetite
  • No crash or jitters
  • Easy on the stomach

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