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Slow-Burn Energy

Say “aloha” to the official on-course bar for IRONMAN. Training fuel designed to power you through the day.

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Formulated to Fuel You

Get started and keep going. Our powerful blend of organic green coffee (equal to an espresso shot) and macros deliver long-lasting energy without the crash.
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Addicting Flavors Wholesome Ingredients

Every recipe was developed by a Dietitian, Food Scientist, and Pastry Chef to create the healthiest (yet tastiest) bars possible

Get The Coffee Jump-Start Without The Crash

Get what you want from coffee (caffeine!) without the crash

By combining organic green coffee
beans with macros from fruits, nuts,
and seeds, you get:

  • A boost of long-lasting energy
  • Natural appetite suppression
  • Muscle recovery from protein
  • No crash, no jitters, no shakes

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