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Plant-based energy bars powered by macros Plus organic green coffee.

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Formulated to Fuel You

Get started and keep going. Our powerful blend of organic green coffee (equal to an espresso shot) and macros deliver long-lasting energy without the crash.
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  • Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

    Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

  • Caffe Mocha Almond Chip

    Caffe Mocha Almond Chip

  • Coconut Almond Chip

    Coconut Almond Chip

Addicting Flavors Wholesome Ingredients

Every recipe was developed by a Dietitian, Food Scientist, and Pastry Chef to create the healthiest (yet tastiest) bars possible

"You can actually see and taste the real ingredients"

"They taste great! You can actually see and taste the real ingredients and they give me a good boost of energy."

Taylor Swezey, Santa Monica
Director & Instructor at RYDE4 Cycling Studio

"Gives a really good kick, but in a natural way"

"I love this bar because I can actually see and taste the real ingredients. The natural caffeine gives me energy to run through the day."

Lindsey Simcik, Santa Monica
Actress + Soulcycle Instructor

"A healthier caffeine and macronutrients boost"

"It’s really tasty! I recommend it to my clients who are looking for a healthier caffeine boost before a hike or vigorous workout."

Daniela Kende, Santa Monica
Holistic Nutritionist
Founder of Color Me Complete

"The extra energy I need to keep going"

"Chewy with a lot of tasty good flavor. They provide me with that extra energy I need to keep me going."

Ben Villers, Santa Monica
NASM Certified Trainer
Founder of Jamin Fitness

Get The Coffee Jump-Start Without The Crash

Get what you want from coffee (caffeine!) without the crash

By combining organic green coffee
beans with macros from fruits, nuts,
and seeds, you get:

  • A boost of long-lasting energy
  • Natural appetite suppression
  • Muscle recovery from protein
  • No crash, no jitters, no shakes

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