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Plant-based energy bars powered by macros PLUS organic green coffee.

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Official Energy Bar of IRONMAN World Championship

For backyard heroes and world-class triathletes. For the daily grind and the late-night hustle. For making the first move and finishing strong. We Fuel You!

"These bars pack a punch and they taste like real food"

"They're like drinking a cup of coffee and eating freshly baked healthy snack all in one. Unlike other fuel options I’m used to training with, it would be hard to get sick of eating these!"

Hugh Williams, 4x IRONMAN Athlete/World Championship Finisher

Loved by trainers, nutritionists, yogis, moms, and more

"It’s really tasty. I would recommend it to my clients who are looking for a healthier caffeine and macronutrients boost before a hike or vigorous workout."

Daniela Kende, Santa Monica
Holistic Nutritionist

Feel the energy, taste the real ingredients

If you don’t love the natural boost and whole ingredients in our bars, we’ll refund your order.