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  • Are the bars plant-based?

    Yes, Quantum Squares are 100% plant-based and they’re also:

    √ Gluten-Free Certified

    √ NON-GMO Project Verified

    √ Clean Label Project Certified

    √ Dairy Free Certified

    √ Kosher Certified

    √ Vegan

    √ Soy Free

    BTW, each bar also has 10g of premium Plant Protein from peas and pumpkin seeds (no whey or soy).

  • What makes Quantum different from other energy bars?

    In a word, performance.

    Quantum Energy Squares are designed to provide “slow-release energy.” While many of the coffee and energy bars on the market will give you a blast of caffeine, energy, or a “sugar high,” it’s invariably followed by a crash, which always hurts performance.

    Our Squares are made of real food and wholesome ingredients. And while they have about the same amount of natural caffeine as a shot of espresso (100mg), it’s from organic green coffee. The blend of organic green coffee with macros from seeds, fruits and nuts, delivers clean energy — without the crash.

    Why do you use Organic Green Coffee?


    While both raw, green coffee beans and roasted, brown coffee beans have naturally occuring caffeine, that’s about where the similarities end.


    Roasting coffee beans changes their composition, their taste, and — while it does ramp up the amount of caffeine in a serving — it can also roast away beneficial nutrients, such as chlorogenic acid (found in raw, green coffee beans), which can help the body burn glucose and stored body fat. 


    And studies have shown that natural caffeine is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, polyphenols, and it can even help speed recovery when consumed post-exercise.

    *Learn more in the White Paper about Quantum in the press section.

  • What does “slow-burn energy” mean, why is it important?

    Caffeine alone, sugary drinks or gels, consumed without essential nutrients from food, can lead to an energy spike, followed by a crash.

    Quantum provides a nutritious blend of clean macros from seeds, fruits and nuts, infused with natural caffeine (from organic green coffee), designed to deliver energy gradually — with no spike or crash. This is slow-burn energy, designed to deliver the fuel reserves you need to elevate performance, from start to finish.

  • Can I really cancel my subscription anytime?

    YES, you can cancel anytime, for any reason.

    You’re in control - here are some other questions along those lines:

    Can I change my flavor?


    Can I pause my orders?


    Can I add discount codes to monthly orders?


    Can I modify my shipping or payment details?


    Login to your account to modify or cancel your orders.

    We’ll email you a few days before we send a box, so you can review or modify your order before it’s shipped.

  • When I sign up for a subscription (or a Sample Box), what happens next?

    First, congrats! You got with the program. Next comes sticking with the program.

    Because Quantum Energy Squares are a monthly membership, just like a gym.

    Do you go to the gym once or twice and never go again? Nope: most of us go regularly, make a lifestyle change to improve overall well being.

    That’s what Quantum Energy Squares are: a regular addition to our diets and workouts, a healthy change to improve overall energy.

    If you purchased a subscription (without a Sample box) - your next box will arrive in about 30 days and we will continue to send you a box of 8 bars every 30 days.

    If you purchased a Sample box - we’ll be sending your first box of 8 bars at a subscribers-only discounted rate 2 weeks after your Sample Box is shipped, and will keep you supplied, sending a box a month (your discount is locked for as long as you choose to keep receiving Quantum Energy Squares).

    No matter what you purchased, we’ll email you a few days before we send a box, so you can review, modify or cancel your order. And we want you to be delighted with Quantum: if you’re anything but, cancel any time.

  • When should I eat Quantum Energy Squares?

    Before a workout. During a workout. First thing in the morning. Before a long hike. During a long hike. Before an IRONMAN competition. Before a 5k fundraiser walk. As a midday pick-me-up snack (when you might have once reached for a sugary energy drink).

    Quantum Energy Squares are designed to deliver slow-release energy and support overall wellness.

    As part of your fitness plan — consumed ~20 minutes before a workout, or during or right after — they give you the energy to push your performance and reach new highs.

    As part of your diet, they satisfy a craving with a nutritionally balanced snack, and that can help increase focus and productivity.

    Perhaps the only time you wouldn’t want to eat one is before bedtime (because of the natural caffeine).

  • Are these bars good as pre-workout fuel?

    Have you ever taken a road trip without fueling-up first?

    To be direct, “pre-workout fuel” is precisely what Quantum Energy Squares were designed to be. If you’re going to the gym for an hour, eat one about 20 minutes beforehand and experience the results.

    Note that this is not merely our opinion: there’s hard science behind this.

    According to analysis done by Dr. Bob Murray, founder and principal of Sports Science Insights, and former director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, in “The Scientific Rationale Behind Combining Caffeine + Macronutrients for Sustained Energy Delivery Required in Endurance Sports”:

    Research suggests that for a performance benefit to occur, higher blood caffeine levels are required to be achieved before exercise compared to during exercise when lower blood caffeine levels appear to effectively enhance performance, possibly because exercise increases the sensitivity of adenosine receptors to caffeine… scientific literature confirms that consuming caffeine in amounts similar to that found in Quantum Energy Squares (100 mg) is associated with improved mental and physical function when ingested before and/or during demanding exercise.

    Does caffeine enhance athletic performance?

    The science is in* and the answer is yes. Athletes who consume caffeine as part of their healthy fueling regimen (before, and even during workouts) benefit from increased muscular work capacity, enhanced focus, and reduction of pain sensation.

    Each bar contains 100mg of natural caffeine from organic green coffee, so you can enjoy the same amount of natural caffeine as a shot of espresso without the crash or risk of an upset stomach.

    *Learn more in the White Paper about Quantum in the press section.

  • Do they taste good?

    We know why people ask this question: it’s no secret that most energy bars on the market put “taste” on the back burner. But we front-burnered the taste by hiring a pastry chef. We may be the first sports nutrition bar company that hired a pastry chef (in addition to a sports dietician and a food scientist).

    And that was just the start: after over 200 recipes and iterations — which we tested in focus groups, on-course, and anywhere there were athletes with appetites — we landed on a selection of all-natural flavors that will satisfy even the pickiest palates. Our motto throughout was that there’s no reason real energy can’t taste real good.

  • Shipping - everything you need to know…
    How long does it take to receive an order?

    Your orders should be at your doorstep within 2-5 business days.

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping if FREE for 2 or more boxes. Shipping for a single box is just a flat rate of $2.95 anywhere in the contiguous U.S. International rates may vary. Other shipping pricing may apply to special promo offers.

    Do you ship Trial Boxes outside of the U.S.? 

    No, Trial boxes ship anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Not to worry, we ship full boxes worldwide!

  • Discount Codes - Everything you need to know…
    How do I apply a discount code to my account?

    Easy peasy! Just log in to your account, click on "Membership," and type the code in the appropriate box. Note that if you previously used another code, you'll have to click "remove discount" and then apply the new code in the blank box. (Only 1 discount code per transaction.)

    Can I use a discount code more than once?

    First the “bad news” you can’t use a discount code more than once.

    Now, the good news: we put out new ones all the time, so you can look forward to another down the line!

    Can I combine discount codes?

    Sorry, only one discount code per transaction.

  • How do refunds work?

    Simply return the box(es) to us at:

    Quantum Energy Squares
    3110 Main Street, Bldg. C
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

    A full refund (minus shipping) will be credited back on the same method of payment upon receipt of the box(es). Please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to appear on your credit card.

    Unfortunately, we do not provide labels for shipping the order back to us. We hope you understand and apologize for any inconvenience. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs, except in instances where the item arrived damaged or defective. Note that the option to initiate a return is only available for 30 days after delivery.

  • Why do I need an account? How do I create an account?

    An account gives you more control over your Quantum subscription (and your subscription begins after your very first order with us: trial box, whole box, etc.).

    When you create an account with Quantum, you take the reins of your subscription, and can make changes — switch flavors, adjust frequency, etc. — without having to contact our customer service team. (Imagine a magazine subscription that gave you an account where you could get more news, less news, different news, skip a month, etc.)

    That’s the “why.” Here’s the “how.”

    1. Go to "Login"

    2. Click "Resend My Confirmation Link" and enter your email address

    3. Check your inbox (or spam folder), for an email titled "You're almost finished (action required!)" and click "Confirm your email".

    4. Select your own password and you’re good to go!

    There are real people here to respond to any requests, changes, or cancelations :)

  • What is a safe level of caffeine?

    Caffeine's effect varies from person to person. Each Quantum Square contains 100mg of natural caffeine from organic green coffee. The FDA suggests that it is safe to consume 400mg of caffeine a day for a healthy adult. If in doubt, we recommend that you check with your doctor.

    We do not recommend our bars if you are intolerant to caffeine, pregnant, lactating or to children under 13 years of age.