While energy drinks are an easy option for a quick caffeine boost before work, they falter regarding sustained energy whether for its use in travel or daily use. Nobody really wants to bring an energy drink out on their morning surf or afternoon jog.

Additionally, energy drinks exit your body much quicker than most people would like. Luckily, there are alternative ways to get naturally-occurring caffeine, balanced nutrients, and sustained energy. Nutrition bars are not typically one of those sources, until now…cue Quantum Energy Square! Eating your caffeine? It sounds too good to be true - but it isn't. Read on and learn more about the origins of caffeine and how Quantum Energy Squares can redefine your daily caffeine boost. 

Energy Bars vs. Energy Drinks 

There is no doubt that energy drinks hold the convenience of fast energy. They supply your body with a quick jolt of caffeine so you can keep moving (for a moment), sadly that’s where the benefits end.

Two downsides to energy drinks are quick digestion and health risks. As your body digests energy drinks, you are left dragging well before you'd like to. That is where energy bars can be a gamechanger, however until now you would be hard-pressed to find one with caffeine. With energy bars, your body would be getting energy from a combination of sugar and carbs.

Eating caffeine in the form of an energy bar such as the Quantum Energy Square slows down your metabolism and digestion, allowing for a steady release of caffeine with no unwanted aftereffects. There are several energy bars on the market such as RxBar, Clif Bar, and Kind Bars that have tasty ingredients, and some are even starting to experiment with coffee, however none of them have the full combination that we provide within every flavor of our Energy Squares:

  • Certified Plant-Based
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Naturally-Occurring Caffeine
  • Premium Ingredients

Additionally, many of these bars are loaded with sugars and unnecessary calories, making it challenging for those trying to eat clean. Quantum Energy Square is the only energy bar that includes 10g of plant-based protein and MCT Oil with natural caffeine from organic green coffee beans. This results in our Energy Square providing smooth, lasting energy through premium ingredients and naturally-occurring caffeine.

Do Quantum Energy Squares Have Similar Caffeine Effects to a Cup of Coffee or an Energy Drink?

We take the thinking out of caffeination by putting food and caffeine in the same equation. Just like sugar ironically found in most energy bars, having caffeine on an empty stomach can lead to a crash. Quantum Energy Square combines a cup of coffee and a well-balanced meal into one Square. Some of the benefits of choosing Quantum Energy Square over energy drinks are:

  • More nutrients
  • On average, less sugar
  • 10g plant-based protein
  • Better sustained energy
  • No jitters
  • Balanced Macronutrients
  • Easier on your stomach
  • More versatile

Many energy bars take the shortcut regarding energy with sugars or simple carbs. While this can give you a quick boost of energy, it wears off quickly and leaves you feeling worse than before. While energy drinks are widely available caffeine sources, they may not be the healthiest option. They also lack the versatility to take with you on a hike, bike ride, or while traveling.

Additionally, it doesn't solve the problem of caffeine duration. Quantum Energy Square focuses on naturally-sourced caffeine in a healthy Square that sustains your energy throughout the day while providing you with essential nutrients.

You can find ten grams of plant-based protein in each Square, along with antioxidants and polyphenols, which help reduce inflammation. There are several more benefits that an Energy Square can provide for a life full of passions that energy drinks and sugary bars and snacks cannot compete with.

Find Your Next Caffeine Boost

Most Americans are always in search of the best caffeine boost. While some turn toward energy drinks, it can wear thin after just a few hours, and it isn't sustainable while you try squeezing in a morning run before work or staying late at the studio.

Quantum Energy Square is a unique brand combining the versatility and nutrients of an energy bar with long-lasting energy. At Quantum, we only source our caffeine naturally through green coffee beans, ensuring you receive all the health benefits of pre-roasted coffee beans.

Shop our Energy Squares today and discover which flavor you enjoy the most!