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When caffeine is combined with real whole foods, it’s more evenly absorbed by the body, creating smooth, steady energy. Thanks, science!

Developed by a sports dietitian and a food scientist to deliver smooth, steady energy with essential nutrients from real whole foods, the healthiest form of natural caffeine from organic green coffee, and without the jitters or crash.

All the energy of a balanced meal and coffee, without the prep time, heavy-feeling, just an easy, portable boost right when you need it.

It’s no secret that most energy bars on the market put “taste” on the back burner, but we front-burnered taste by hiring a pastry chef! We may be the first energy company that hired a pastry chef (in addition to a sports dietician and a food scientist).

And that was just the start: after over 150 recipes and iterations — tested in focus groups, events, and anywhere there were active consumers with appetites — we landed on a selection of all-natural, award-winning flavors that will satisfy even the pickiest palates. There’s no reason real energy can’t taste real good.

Each square contains organic green coffee, but only the Caffe Mocha flavor actually tastes like coffee from premium Arabica.

Quantum combines the energy of a cup of coffee and a balanced meal in one portable square that goes where coffee can’t.

While a cup of coffee doesn’t provide essential nutrients and coffee alone can cause jitters, stomach upset or a “coffee crash”, our energy squares  feature a unique blend of natural caffeine and real whole foods developed by a sports dietitian and a food scientist, so active customers can benefit from a more complete energy source, while avoiding the jitters and energy crash from drinking coffee by itself. 

Our balanced macros (a nourishing energy mix of complex carbs, healthy fats and plant-based proteins), combined with natural caffeine from organic green coffee, is specially formulated to be easy on the stomach—taking the edge off caffeine. Premium pumpkin seed protein combined with MCT oil (from coconut) helps slow caffeine absorption to give you the sustained energy boost you need to rise to any occasion.

Quantum goes where coffee can’t

Ever tried taking a cup of coffee with you in your gym bag? Whether you get active on the running path, on the water, the bike trail or somewhere in between, take Quantum with you to fuel up with smooth energy on the go (and without the hassle or mess).

Yes, all Quantum Energy Squares are Certified Gluten Free and they’re also: 

√ 100% Plant-based Certified

√ NON-GMO Project Verified

√ Kosher DE Certified 

√ Vegan

√ Soy Free

√ Dairy Free

BTW, each square also has 10g of premium Plant Protein from peas and pumpkin seeds (no whey or soy).

While many popular energy bars contain over 20g of sugar and more than 40g of carbs, we’re setting our own standards for energy and wellness; Quantum is designed to deliver smooth, steady energy with more protein, fewer calories, carbs and sugar as well as clean, nutrient-dense ingredients. 

Our energy squares contain just 11g of natural sugar from fruits such as dates, organic agave and monk fruit (and a touch of organic dark chocolate), and just 21g of complex carbohydrates from fruits and seeds such as chia seeds.

While many of the energy bars, energy drinks and gels on the market may give you a quick blast of energy from caffeine or a “sugar high” from simple carbs or sugars (or both), the short-term boost is invariably followed by jitters and an energy crash. And some use synthetic caffeine, which can upset your stomach. All of these issues hurt performance, leaving you feeling deflated, instead of alert and energized to keep going strong.

Energy drinks always have a crash after the high, and lack any real nutritional nutritional value. Quantum delivers 10 grams of plant based protein & MCT oil from coconuts. Our real whole food ingredients slow the caffeine absorption allowing your energy boost to come on smooth and steady.

Most energy bars are packed with simple carbs and sugars, creating a quick boost but quickly turning to an energy crash. Quantum provides balanced macronutrients and takes the extra step to support enhanced mental focus and clarity with clean organic caffeine (100mg, equal to about a cup of coffee) in each Square.

We LOVE coffee! But…to put it simply, Quantum Goes Where Coffee Can’t 

√ On a run, or in your cycling jersey pocket

√ In your gym, tennis or golf bag

√ Out on the beach for a surf sesh

√ In your glovebox for those spontanious roadtrips

√ Stashed in your desk drawer for the 2pm slump

And...unlike a cup of coffee, Quantum delivers solid nutrition with our blend of plant based proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs to keep you physically fueled along with the mental boost from clean, natural caffeine. Our unique energy blend is designed to deliver sustained physical and mental energy, along with essential nutrients your mind and body needs.

Quantum uses only the healthiest form of natural caffeine derived from organic green coffee beans. While both raw, green coffee beans and roasted, brown coffee beans have naturally occuring caffeine, that’s about where the similarities end. Roasting coffee beans changes their composition, their taste, and it can also roast away beneficial nutrients, such as chlorogenic acid (found in raw, green coffee beans) which can help the body burn glucose and stored body fat. 

And studies have shown that natural caffeine is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, polyphenols, and it can even help speed recovery when consumed post-exercise.

Some energy products contain synthetic caffeine, which is not only missing essential nutrients and health benefits, it can also cause stomach upset. 

If you’d like to learn more about Quantum’s unique energy blend, check out the white paper by renowned authority in sports nutrition and physiology, Dr. Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM.

Our unique energy blend was developed by a sports dietitian and a food scientist to deliver smooth energy that lasts, with a balance of complex carbs, plant-based protein, healthy fat and clean, organic caffeine. 

And it’s designed to slow the uptake of energy from caffeine, avoiding the harsh jitters and crash which can come from consuming liquid caffeine alone, but keeping the mental and physical performance benefits we all love from caffeine.

- Smooth, steady energy

- 10g plant protein

- Goes where coffee can’t

- Enhanced mental energy, clarity & focus

- No coffee jitters or crash

- Rich in antioxidants

- Replenish glycogen stores

- Aids in muscle recovery

- Polyphenols to reduce inflammation

Want to learn more? Let’s get geeky on energy!🤓

The role of caffeine: There are several benefits of caffeine as an energy source, validated over decades of scientific study. Caffeine provides mental energy, clarity and focus. Physical energy for increased muscular work capability (performance). Caffeine aids in metabolizing other fuels such as carbs for replenishing muscle glycogen (replenished during exercise, and helping the body to restore and recover post-exercise). Health benefits of clean caffeine from organic green coffee in our Squares include: polyphenols known to reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure; antioxidants for healthier soft tissue and muscles down to a cellular level.

The role of complex carbohydrates: Complex carbs pack in more nutrients than simple carbs (our natural complex carbs from seeds and fruits are nutrient-rich). And they digest more slowly, keeping you from feeling hungry longer during exercise.

The role of fat: Fats play two important roles in providing long-lasting energy. Fats are a concentrated source of energy—containing more than twice the potential energy that protein and carbohydrate do; they're metabolized during prolonged exercise to provide the fuel (adenosine triphosphate molecules, or ATP) our muscles need to sustain performance. And, fats extend fueling by burning slowly during endurance activities, sparing glycogen reserves. Stored carbohydrate fuel (muscle and liver glycogen) are used at a slower rate, delaying the onset of fatigue and prolonging performance capabilities. 

The role of protein: When muscle glycogen stores fall in the latter stages of endurance activities, protein provides energy and protects our bodies from soft tissue cannibalization (breakdown of lean muscle mass for an energy source, something we all want to prevent as much as possible). 

If you’d like to learn more about Quantum’s unique energy blend, check out the white paper by renowned authority in sports nutrition and physiology, Dr. Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM.

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