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Why is Slow-Burn Energy Important?

Have you ever had a snack or meal and immediately felt a burst of energy only to be quickly followed by a crash? This is a sensation most people experience after having a “fast-burn” food or drink. While there are some scenarios where fast-burn food is ideal, like during high intensity exercise or competition, more often than not you will benefit more from slow-burn food choices.  Here’s what you need to know about how to use food to sustain energy and appetite, and avoid those dreaded energy crashes.

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Plant vs. Animal-Based Proteins

Protein comes from a variety of food sources including nuts, seeds, animal meat, eggs, dairy products and a wide variety of supplemental powders. While all forms of protein can provide a variety of amino acids, the building block of tissue in your body, there are additional nutrients to take into account when choosing the protein supplement that is best for you. Here’s the low down on the benefits, downsides and everything in between regarding protein supplements.

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Why Organic Green Coffee is Superior

You may have read that title and thought to yourself “coffee is coffee, right?”. This is a common misconception and not all coffee beans, and types of caffeine, for that matter, are created equally. Here’s the nitty gritty on coffee and why some varieties stand above the rest.

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Here’s Why MCT Oil is a Healthy Fat

You have likely heard of MCT oil, and maybe you’ve looked at supplements to increase your intake, but what exactly is it and why should it be part of your diet? As with many nutrition buzzwords, MCT oil is often mentioned in the media yet many don’t understand its unique properties and benefits. While there is plenty of research to be conducted related to MCT oil, we know enough to consider it a beneficial food source. Here is what we know about MCT oil and ways it may enhance your health.

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Five Habits That Are Zapping Your Energy

Are you getting that groggy Monday morning feeling all week long? While you can't just snap your fingers and change a busy schedule, get more sleep, or cut back on your day-to-day stress, you CAN make a few easy adjustments to help fight that sluggish feeling. 
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Pre-Workout Meals - What to Eat and When

It’s always about getting the balance right: the right amount of macros in the food you eat, the right amount of time to ensure your digestive process is on track get the most from those macros in every workout.
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Hey there,

I’m Dan! I’m a coffee guy and tennis player. I love the mental energy I get from caffeine, but coffee before tennis gave me jitters and occasionally upset my stomach. So I turned to bars.

Bars promising energy were packed with simple carbs led to a sugar crash and couldn’t replace the mental energy I loved from coffee. Unwilling to compromise and unable to find the right source of energy to play at my best, my partner Leah and I had an idea⚡

After countless hours in the lab with a food scientist and sports dietitian, and over 150 recipes with a pastry chef, QUANTUM was born.

QUANTUM’s unique energy blend delivers complete mental and physical energy, combining the benefits of balanced plant-based macronutrients and clean caffeine in one bar, providing long-lasting energy with no jitters or crash.

Energetically yours,
Dan, Leah (& Joe!)

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