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"That Sh*t Was Good"

Joe Rogan & Demetrious “Mighty” Johnson get into how combining caffeine with real food slows caffeine absorption to deliver smooth energy.

"That Sh*t Was Good"

Joe Rogan & Demetrious “Mighty” Johnson get into how combining caffeine with real food slows caffeine absorption to deliver smooth energy.


Feel alive, not wired.


When caffeine is combined with real whole foods, it’s more evenly absorbed by the body, creating smooth steady energy. Thanks, science!


Made with fruits, nuts, and seeds. Nothing weird or artificial.

Quantum Energy Square are soy-free, dairy-free, and contain MCT Oil
Quantum Energy Square products are certified plant based, certified gluten free, non-gmo, and contain 10g of protein


Natural caffeine + real whole foods = gradual absorption for smooth energy you can feel. Thanks, science!

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the science behind Quantum.

Functional energy squares designed to deliver smooth energy you can feel.

Quantum Energy Squares - Coffee Bean Graphic

Energy + Focus

Quantum Energy Squares - Almond Graphic

Healthy Fats

Quantum Energy Squares - Plant Protein Blend Graphic

Easily Digestible

Quantum Energy Squares - Chia Seed Graphic

Nutrient Rich

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Quantum Energy Squares - Date Graphic



If you're not totally satisfied with the energy and taste, return your product for a refund on your first purchase.



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Quantum Energy Squares are designed to provide smooth, steady energy without jitters. While many of the energy bars and caffeinated energy products on the market will give you a blast of caffeine energy, or a “sugar high,” it’s invariably followed by a crash, which always hurts energy levels and performance.

Our Energy Squares are made of real food and wholesome ingredients. And while they have about the same amount of natural caffeine as a cup o’ jo (100mg), it’s from raw organic green coffee. The blend of organic caffeine with balanced macros from seeds, fruits and nuts, and MCT oil (from coconut) delivers smooth energy you can feel — without the crash.

Yes! It’s no secret that most energy bars on the market put “taste” on the back burner, but we front-burnered taste by hiring a pastry chef! We may be the first sports nutrition bar company that hired a pastry chef (in addition to a sports dietician and a food scientist).

And that was just the start: after over 200 recipes and iterations — tested in focus groups, events, and anywhere there were active consumers with appetites — we landed on a selection of all-natural, award-winning flavors that will satisfy even the pickiest palates. There’s no reason real energy can’t taste real good.

Quantum combines the energy of a cup of coffee and a balanced meal in one portable bar that goes where coffee can’t.

While a cup of coffee doesn’t provide essential nutrients and coffee alone can cause jitters, stomach upset or a “coffee crash”, our bar bars feature a unique blend of balanced macronutrients and clean, organic caffeine, developed by a sports dietitian and a food scientist, so active customers can benefit from a more complete energy source, while avoiding the jitters and energy crash from drinking coffee by itself.

Our balanced macros (a nourishing energy mix of complex carbs, healthy fats and plant-based proteins), combined with organic caffeine, is specially formulated to be easy on the stomach—taking the edge off caffeine. Premium pumpkin seed protein combined with MCT oil (from coconut) helps slow caffeine absorption to give you the sustained energy boost you need for sports, exercise and workouts.

Quantum goes where coffee can’t

Ever tried taking a cup of coffee with you in your gym bag? Whether you get active on the running path, on the water, the bike trail or somewhere in between, take Quantum with you to fuel up with pre-active™ energy on the go (and without the hassle or mess).

Yes, all Quantum Energy Squares are Certified Gluten Free and they’re also:

√ 100% Plant-based Certified
√ NON-GMO Project Verified
√ Kosher DE (Dairy Free) Certified
√ Vegan
√ Soy Free

BTW, each bar also has 10g of premium Plant Protein from peas and pumpkin seeds (no whey or soy).

While many popular energy bars contain over 20g of sugar and more than 40g of carbs, we’re setting our own standards for energy and wellness; QUANTUM is designed to deliver long-lasting energy with more protein, fewer calories, carbs and sugar as well as clean, nutrient-dense ingredients.

Our bars contain just 11g of natural sugar from fruits such as dates, organic agave and monk fruit (and a touch of organic dark chocolate), and just 21g of carbohydrates from fruits and seeds such as chia seeds.

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