Hey there,

I’m Dan! I’m a coffee guy and tennis player. I love the mental energy I get from caffeine, but coffee before tennis gave me jitters and occasionally upset my stomach. So I turned to bars.

Bars promising energy were packed with simple carbs led to a sugar crash and couldn’t replace the mental energy I loved from coffee. Unwilling to compromise and unable to find the right source of energy to play at my best, my partner Leah and I had an idea⚡

After countless hours in the lab with a food scientist and sports dietitian, and over 150 recipes with a pastry chef, QUANTUM was born.

QUANTUM’s unique energy blend delivers complete mental and physical energy, combining the benefits of balanced plant-based macronutrients and organic caffeine in one bar, providing long-lasting energy with no jitters or crash.

Energetically yours,
Dan, Leah (& Joe!)

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