There is no doubt hours and hours of training create the base of performance for any athlete, and food choices are one factor that can influence what an athlete gets out of each training session, and ultimately competition. Sports nutrition is one of the newer areas of nutritional science, and we know what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat can have a huge impact on sports performance. Providing energy, supporting muscle repair and growth, and injury prevention are just some of the ways food influences performance. In a recent interview with Demetrious Johnson, 11-Time UFC and ONE Champion, we discussed the role nutrition plays in his performance, and how Quantum Energy Squares fit into his daily routine. 

When it comes to nutrition, DJ believes what you eat is important whether or not you’re an athlete stating “If you don't fuel your body with the correct nutrition, then your body will never reach its optimal peak performance. Nutrition is a lifestyle, it's not a fad.” With this mindset, DJ takes his nutrition seriously and Quantum Energy Square plays an important role in his training nutrition. One of his favorite ways to use our Energy Squares is mixed into his oatmeal before his first training session of the day. The balance of complex carbs from the oats, and the healthy fats and quality protein in Quantum create a balanced meal to support sustained energy.

One of DJ’s favorite features of Quantum Energy Square is the energy they give him. The combination of real food ingredients and natural caffeine from organic green coffee make Quantum a source of smooth energy without the caffeine or sugar crash associated with other products. This is why DJ uses Quantum to fuel his body through endurance workouts, like long distance running, swimming, and cycling. You’ll also find DJ grabbing for Quantum Energy Square after a long night with the kids or during a long day streaming on YouTube. The convenience of having a packaged product made with clean ingredients makes Quantum Energy Square an easy fuel source to have on hand for all of life’s activities.

Quantum Energy Squares can serve so many purposes in your daily life. From a fuel source prior to training and competition, a form of recovery protein following a workout, and a caffeinated source of quality nutrition to start your day. Whether you’re a title-winning UFC fighter, weekend warrior, or busy parent looking for convenient, nutritious snacks, Quantum Energy Square can help you get the most out of each day. In our interview, DJ also added that his pre-fight meal always contains a green, protein, and carbohydrate, like spinach, chicken, and brown rice. Another example of real food and wholesome ingredients in his diet.