Have you ever had a snack or meal and immediately felt a burst of energy only to be quickly followed by a crash? This is a sensation most people experience after having a “fast-burn” food or drink. While there are some scenarios where fast-burn food is ideal, like during high intensity exercise or competition, more often than not you will benefit more from slow-burn food choices.  Here’s what you need to know about how to use food to sustain energy and appetite, and avoid those dreaded energy crashes.

What exactly is slow-burn energy?

Slow-burn energy comes from food and drink that takes a longer amount of time in your body to breakdown and, in turn, keeps you feeling satisfied and well fueled for a longer period of time. Many of us are constantly looking for ways to increase our energy and productivity, and choosing these slow-burn options is one way to do that. When consuming fast-burn foods, often in the form of refined sugar, your body digests and absorbs these calories in a very quick fashion, leading to quick spikes in energy and the inevitable crash afterwards. With slow-burn foods, you are much less likely to notice any sudden or extreme changes in energy levels, rather, you will feel a sustained amount of energy and focus throughout your entire day. 

Which foods supply slow-burn energy?

Nutrients like protein, fat, and fiber are known to be slow-burn foods, while carbs, and more specifically, refined sugar, are prominent fast-burn foods. One of the best ways to create slow burn energy is to 1) choose lower sugar and less processed food items and 2) get a combination of nutrients at meals and snacks.

When selecting foods at meals and snacks, it is important to choose a variety of nutrients, including slow-burn options, to aid in sustained energy. So, rather than just having a bowl of cereal for breakfast, pair it with a fiber-containing fruit and some eggs or yogurt on the side to bring in some slow-burn protein and fat. Similarly with snacks, a combination of nutrients is ideal. Rather than just a banana, pair your fruit with nuts or nut butter to help slow the digestion of carb to create more slow-burn energy. 

Quantum Energy Squares are designed to provide a balanced amount of nutrients, including fiber from chia seeds, protein from nuts, and fat from nuts, seeds and coconut oil. This smart combination of nutrients not only creates a desirable flavor and texture, but also produces sustained slow-burn energy as a meal component or mid-day snack.